My @Walmart experience was bad.

I have a secret fear that I am  @peopleofwalmart material.
This is only 1 reason I don’t shop there, but I had a whim. I wanted to make my cousin an apron for the holiday weekend and it was late so I knew Walmart was my only choice. Also:Walmart in Panorama City is 7 miles away.

A quick trip became an exercise in frustration. I waited over 40 minutes for a service person to be found who could cut fabric. Apparently I waited for her to return from lunch, and then the hand scanner was broken. While waiting I called the store and another customer went to customer service to ask for help.
  When this last returned she let us know that she knew where the manager was and we would need to go to electronics to find them, a manager would not be coming get to 7 and we were absurd to suggest bothering  anyone.

40 minute wait,4 pages and a phone call before she appeated
See how.Customer.Service. is not listed?

When the clerk appeared, I had been on the phone for 1 minutes. At 25 mi sites my battery died and I left the store leaving my “would be” purchases in a cart by customer service. The lines at the registers were 20 people deep and not moving. I could not give this store my money.

Call to Walmart

Here is the number if you want to call Mr French, the store manager.
I usually avoid Walmart because of the credit applications given to new hires and their culture of forcing employees onto public assistance doles by under employing workers.

The 1 Walmart employee who cared

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