O.M.G. Guns, Infants, and Domestic Violence

“He put a gun in the baby’s mouth. I drove to North Hollywood Police but they say the don’t do nothing and I can’t keep him out of my home. It my home. I live here by myself and take care of the babies. He no live here!” Hi. Welcome to my Wednesday.

The Makeup Tutorial Women Should Watch Before They Leave The House :video

I do say that picking your attitude is important, as is the ability to feel pretty “Where can I find that eyeliner?” http://thoughtcatalog.com/sophie-martin/2014/06/the-makeup-tutorial-women-should-watch-before-they-leave-the-house/

My @Walmart experience was bad.

I have a secret fear that I am  @peopleofwalmart material. This is only 1 reason I don’t shop there, but I had a whim. I wanted to make my cousin an apron for the holiday weekend and it was late so I knew Walmart was my only choice. Also:Walmart in Panorama City is 7 milesContinue reading “My @Walmart experience was bad.”

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