Seeing the door isn’t an invitation to enter

Walking down the street I can see many doors to homes and businesses. Sometimes I can’t, some have opaque gates or thick bushes hiding doors and windows from view. I know I am just as unwelcome in the hidden doors as by the visible ones and if I want to enter; I must knock orContinue reading “Seeing the door isn’t an invitation to enter”

Five Powerful Ways Abusive Narcissists Get Inside Your Head

Five Powerful Ways Abusive Narcissists Get Inside Your Head. Read this. It may not be YOUR relationship but if it looks familiar, tell somepne. We all know someone in an abusive relationship and it isn’t always physical.

Domestic violence and victim shaming

A few months ago Phil Hermance posted on my Facebook page that is was acceptable for his thfriend to punch and push and hit me because I must of "asked for it". This people. This is unacceptable stupid and I’m ashamed to know men or women who think, say, and publicly post this view. DomesticContinue reading “Domestic violence and victim shaming”

5 people in 3 hours

I am so freaking sick of my own voice. Somehow I snagged a 10 minute lunch and was told I had people waiting in the lobby. Homeless parents living in LA Family Housing Living in cars Living with friends Being evicted And I have to assess languages, level of need, need for mental health therapyContinue reading “5 people in 3 hours”

Local activism

Dear @fuentds4la, I love Pacoima and bought a home here but now there is talk of gentrification what are the plans to keep the low income families in their homes and what’s the plan to boost mom and pop businesses and reduce crime. Let’s work together to make Pacoima a place of universal pride soContinue reading “Local activism”

Back My Kickstarter – Shedding Affluenza

Shedding Affluenza, Our book will explore poverty, racism, cultural diversity and how other people live (rich and poor) around CA and writing an ebook. @URM, @mendpoverty

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