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Sometimes trainings are enlightening.
The workshop I was at today would have been great -my first year as a social worker.
.tone and inflection
.eye contact
.staying on point
.building trust

This is Client Interactions 101.

So to keep myself quiet, I modified name rags and renamed my classmates.

The instructor was very proud of herself for her 5 years with her company. Good for her, nothing is wrong with that. However, she kept telling us how she had so much experience with “unstable” people in the Welfare system and seemed to imply that they were inadequate adults who should be pitied just not out loud.

She spoke of how WE were to change the client and asked what WE had done to make a client do something.
Fundamentals tell me that I am not changing anything about the case or ckiebt. The client will perform, do, fail, succeed on their own merits because they are an adulr. I don’t make choices for other adukts:I supply education about options and then support.

There are so many other things that would have been a better use of my time , like weaving my nose hairs.

The Court is in session.

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