Motivation vs Professional Mothering

1st, give me a break:I saw this man before I had coffee. Before. Oh, and I really needed coffee.

2nd, social work is my passion, not a calling or academic exercise. I do this from my heart and gut and reserve the brain power for paperwork.

Today I had ” a quitter”; one of those parents who talk a good game but never follow through. It was safer to quit than try. Trying might lead to failure. Quitting definitely mea the figure but there is a certainty to that. There is no risk with quitting.

I explained that people forfeit their “I’m a kid” card when they engage I. Activities that might create another person so quitting is not an option.

Then I grabbed a posty note and marker. I wrote “I am worth it” on the note and stuck it on him. He got my whole “motivation by Mom” speech usually heard exclusively by my children.

So… yah. Sometimes I am more of a mother than a social worker.
Eventually I got coffee. ..oh SNAP! I just realized I forgot to go back and pay for my coffee….

It was a long day ya’ll.

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