Pacoima , Facebook, and a man on the streets


Homelessness is real  a nd affects everyone. Here, in Pacoima, this man is a fixture on a local street. The Facebook group for the neighborhood is learning the worst of all truths about homelessness: there is no easy cure.

There are no available shelter beds.
We can’t find a place for him to sleep
MEND doesn’t open for Homeless services until Tuesday.

211 has been called.
LAHSA has been called.
Foothill Police Division has been called.

He us still on the street.

The wonderful people here have brought him food and clothes and kept him company.

But even with a whole city behind him :we can’t cure his homelessness.

His name is Jose. I want to know what Jose wants to do. Does he want to be housed? If so, where?

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