Gardening as a Catalyst for Social Change

Hello @Tarryhammer! Disclaimer: I have a little and not so secret crush on my friend Luke Ippoliti of MEND ( Meet Each Need with Dignity) in Pacoima. He works in the Food Bank and Home Gardening program.

MEND understands that 66% of residents are renters and use most of their money on housing , this leaves very little for toothpaste or clothing or food.
Francesca De Las Rosa of WORKS ( women organizing resources knowledge and services ) is talking about responding as land owners to the crisis of hunger with an edible landscaping program.


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Mommy. Social worker. Nice lady seeking to end homelessness and end poverty. FightOn

One thought on “Gardening as a Catalyst for Social Change

  1. Luke is a terrible person. Luke thinks he’s so great just because he helps homeless people but Luke has no character he only does everything he does so he can feel superior to others. Luke makes me physically ill when I look at him and converse with him. Luke harasses his employees and volunteers who are actually there to help the homeless and not just feel superior. If MEND knows what is good for them they will fire Luke IMMEDIATELY and give him NO PENSION. WHEN I SEE LUKE I SEE A COMPLETE FAILURE BY OUR CULTURE AND A COMPLETE LACK OF HUMANITY.

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