Gardening as a Catalyst for Social Change

Hello @Tarryhammer! Disclaimer: I have a little and not so secret crush on my friend Luke Ippoliti of MEND ( Meet Each Need with Dignity) in Pacoima. He works in the Food Bank and Home Gardening program. MEND understands that 66% of residents are renters and use most of their money on housing , thisContinue reading “Gardening as a Catalyst for Social Change”

War on poverty

A battle won between 1960 and 1974 half the poor entered the middle class. What happened? We stopped fighting and then started killing all programs of education and health for all people. Take the taxes and invest in fighting poverty the smart way. There is no set number of poor people that we have toContinue reading “War on poverty”

Supervisor Zeb on Homelessness at @mendpoverty

Discussing the savings of housing the homeless in Los Angeles people vs the public assistance cost at meet Each Need With Dignity. He isn’t giving out numbers but I think it is less than $17,000 to house a person,$30,000 for them to live on the streets and $60,000 to imprison a person. I feel weirdContinue reading “Supervisor Zeb on Homelessness at @mendpoverty”

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