Office Realism

Every show about workers may need a reality check.
Today in the office:
+ discussions about who took dance as a child and practicing dance moves in the bathroom mirror
+people who use the elevator railing as a ballet bar.
+ can someone take Marco to the Big and Tall shop for shirts
+the dude who only wears white socks
+office field trip to Disney land
+who has graduating kids and who is applying to Graduate Schools
+secret stash of flip flops under each desk
+grown women decorating their desks in Hello Kitty

Photo from

+people who creatively place paperclips on the floor to see how often it is vacuumed
+fleas. Yes, in the office
+ looking for a second job
+ the person who works with headphones on but they aren’t plugged in to anything (me)
+the people watching Netflix at work (not me)
+watching people park poorly from the windows
+the post lunch sneak to see if we can get to our desks without setting off the motion detectors

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