What is Congress playing at? The shame of America’s hunger trap

Poverty. Will we ever find a solution without being sidetracked?



Congressman Jim McGovern makes an impassioned plea for lawmakers from both sides of the political divide to end hunger in America. It’s totally do-able, he says.

As inequality in America grows, so does the number of hungry Americans.

A couple of weeks ago, I spent the night in a homeless shelter for families in my hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts. I came away from that experience feeling not pity or sympathy, but amazement — amazed by these families’ courage in the face of struggle.

And here’s the real tragedy of their situation — all of the parents work. They work full-time. They earn too much to qualify for state shelter funding. But they earn so little that they can’t afford rent, and they still qualify for SNAP, the “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program” formerly known as food stamps.

Quite simply, they’re trapped. They want to keep working. They want to do…

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