Training Table Top Design

Sometimes trainings are enlightening. The workshop I was at today would have been great -my first year as a social worker. .tone and inflection .listening .eye contact .staying on point .building trust This is Client Interactions 101. So to keep myself quiet, I modified name rags and renamed my classmates. The instructor was very proudContinue reading “Training Table Top Design”

Rape Culture….All in a nice little book

Listening to this is making me angry. He is controlling and assaults her and she starts out angry, scared and fighting. So please explain to me how statements to the effect of 1. I will punish you with kisses 2. You must have known that dress would… 3. Men are not rocks How is thisContinue reading “Rape Culture….All in a nice little book”

Motivation vs Professional Mothering

1st, give me a break:I saw this man before I had coffee. Before. Oh, and I really needed coffee. 2nd, social work is my passion, not a calling or academic exercise. I do this from my heart and gut and reserve the brain power for paperwork. Today I had ” a quitter”; one of thoseContinue reading “Motivation vs Professional Mothering”

Pacoima , Facebook, and a man on the streets

Homelessness is real  a nd affects everyone. Here, in Pacoima, this man is a fixture on a local street. The Facebook group for the neighborhood is learning the worst of all truths about homelessness: there is no easy cure. There are no available shelter beds. We can’t find a place for him to sleep MENDContinue reading “Pacoima , Facebook, and a man on the streets”

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