When is it terrible and when is it terrorism: and when will we care. Step away from the sound byte.

When do we start to care about the angst of others?

I have walked down streets at midnight and seen sleeping, waking, scared, indifferent people living on sodewalks. Clearly we talk about caring for our neighbors but don’t actually listen to their needs and take enough action.

I have also done my homework on statistics of terrorism and mass shootings and school schootings. Those linkers told people it was coming and someone along the way – on every case- decided the threat wasn’t real.

I have made over 40 calls to the Psychiatric Emergency Team in the last 10 years, and I have driven a dozen people to self commitment at psychiatric hospitals. Those places are packed. Clearly people are aware 9th the danger and potentially hundreds of incidents have been avoided or delayed. .. but could we do more to see beyond someone being a jerk to discover if someone is really a terrorist waiting game to launch his plan.

When is it Terrorism and when is it Mental Illness and when is it something we will pay attention to before it happens.

Not all killers are white or religious freaks or bullied or virgins fighting the good fight for the second amendment. All killers are killers because they want to kill and they made a plan and executed it and others.

Do your own homework on the number of shootings each month.

Do your homework on the number of times the shooters took time to plan ahead for maximum impact.

Do your homework for the number of times the shooter told other people of hopes, dreams and fantasies of hurting other folks.



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