Toughen Up

My ears are ringing from this last call. It happens to everyone eventually. A client will be unhappy and feel that the telephone puts enough of a buffer to freak out on.
Myself? I once made a U.S. Marine cry in a swearing contest. (My winning insult was "Donkey Snot" of all things .

I always invite these clients in to the office to address their concerns face to face. Admittedly, this is more for my entertainment than theirs. They have to walk in past an arned guard into a room with panic buttons every 20 feet. People who accost my eardrums on the phone are almost always placid in person. They don’t feel safe enough to be rude or brave enough to call me a ….well, I can’t write it without violating a censor somewhere. This is my opportunity to firmly remind the client that they have the power and I have the freedom to walk away from them, or call the police if they escalate because a County phone line -even without a security guard- should be as respected as a County building .

To the new workers:
Toughen up. These rants are not about you, they are symptoms of stress and poverty and the feeling of invisibility. Our clients get louder when they feel transparent.

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