The View Doesn’t Know Welfare

On “The View”, @theviewtv, Welfare was described as placating poor people and rewarding them for not working.
The View is Blind to Truth
If you have been here for a minute or more, you know I work in the Welfare to Work program.


Whoopi says that Welfare takes money from workers making employment not appealing. The simple fact is; You will never have less money than you do right now!
At a certain income point a cash aid reward will start a reduction. However- the income is replacing Welfare money not taking it away. You will still have a profit margin of money earned BEFORE the cash grant is reduced.

As for the idea that Welfare demoralizes people and rewards them for not working :what are you talking about? Are you familiar with Welfare Reform under the Bill Clinton Administration?

When adult cash aid was assigned a time limit it also gained a Welfare to Work component.

After 30 days on cash aid a parent is enrolled in Welfare to Work. The first item of business in W2W is emploument. The purpose of GAIN (as Los Angeles County calls welfare to work) is to prepare parents for employment and help them find work. The usual first activity is a job search, then vocational assessment to define a suitable work goal, and then whatever is needed to help the client get that job. 

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