Teacher Appriciation and Education


Education is the first line of defense against poverty. A great education is priceless. Caring and wonderful teachers are wonders beyond measure. If you know one of these people, thank them profusely.


It is more common to find a high school drop out in the Welfare office or sleeping on the bus bench than it is to find someone with a college degree. I often fantasize that high school teachers stand in the entrance to home room and deliberately turn kids away. Although I know this doesn’t happen in exactly that manner :it happens and those kids suffer.

Children drop out of school because it doesn’t capture their attention and imagination. It isn’t fun. Do you know what is fun? Staying home where no one makes you feel stupid. Hanging out with friends who feel powerful because they are being “bad” or “deviant”.

I read the Truancy notices at North Hollywood High when Jax attended there. Those posters made me want to ditch and I graduated 20 years ago. In fairness, I only showed up to Arcadia High for my friends, show chior, Mrs. Abude, and Year Book Staff. I went because it felt like a safe and fun place to be. I’m pretty sure my daughter only completed the LAUSD because I forced her to and stayed in contact with her teachers.

Schools are creating high school drop outs from secondgraders. The kids are in the seats but lost in a sea of other kids and too ashamed to ask for help. By the time they arrive in middle school or high school they are no longer sad that they can’t write or read -they are angry. These children are near illiterate and feel unwanted.

Education is the doorway to other ideas, careers and life choices.

You need to see the opportunities to take them, which is how we have kids dreaming of being teachers and policemen but not rocket scientist and factory designers or statisticians.

There is a skill gap in our work force. Education is the answer.

Today is the end of teacher appreciation week.  #teacherappriciationweek Remember the reasons and the teachers who kept you in school. Share that with the next generation of students and keep them at their desks.

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