Not Abused Enough?

Reasons to support @Urm,@abales and @Path.
I am on my coffee break and typing as fast as I can on my phone from the parking lot. Kamikaze Friday has begun.

The picture tells the tale.
A woman came in for help and 211 and all of my other handy numbers failed. I can’t find her or her boys a safe place to go.
Cindy at the Hope Gardens from Union Rescue Mission is my last hope. I emailed her and now I am waiting.
There are not enough shketers. Not enough beds. Too many obstacles.


There has got to be a better way. We called a domestic violence shelter who said they won’t take her without a police report and that without a restraining order she probably isn’t really abused.

What do you suggest?
On days like today I need 100 more @abales Reverend Andys.

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