Mother’s Day

There is no Elf on the Shelf or Leprechaun Trap or other fizzy pop culture celebration for Mother’s Day – it is a holiday that reflects the relationship between the Mother and her family. It is a joy and a tragedy all in one.

I have worked with Teen Moms, poor mom’s , and children who grew into homeless adults. While on Skid Row I would take portraits of residents and help them mail cards to their mothers.

Surely Mother’s Day was hard for that last set of mothers.


Currently I work almost exclusively with mothers who are hopefully taking some uncomfortable chances that will improve the lives of their kids. Certainly some of these ladies are not ready to believe they can be financially and emotionally stable -they are my challenge. Some of these mom’s see me as a water station along their marathon route and they are focused on their journey and goals.

Me? Mother’s Day is sad and sweet. My mother died between Darla’s birth and her first Mother’s Day when she was baptized in the dress my mom picked out for her. One of my children is an adult and the other is a toddler so I have both ends of the parenting spectrum. I have been ever thankful to the women who help me mold them like Julie Parks, Lisa Ferguson, Andrea Caster, Christina Hanna, and my last living Grandmother Jackie Keith.

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