Death on Crocker St -revisited

Death on Crocker St.

This is my throwback Thursday link. Living out in the element with no shelter, sunblock, reliable nutrition, healthcare, clean toilets, leads to a shortened life.


Thousands of years ago humans had a shorter life span.

In third world countries people died like this.

But this is in Los Angeles :my favorite city in a 1st world country.

Could someone please explain to me the reason this is happenening?

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2 thoughts on “Death on Crocker St -revisited

  1. what are you talking about, ” Living out in the element with no shelter, sunblock, reliable nutrition, healthcare, clean toilets….” Skid row in LA has some of the best fed, fattest homeless people living there I know anywhere. Between the missions, soup kitchens and street corners one can eat 5-7 full meals a day easily. This without spending one dime of the circa $180/mo LA county issues in food stamps to an individual. No one in that area starves for lack of opportunity to eat. Even though it can be a horrible mess and quagmire trying to get in to actually see a doctor when homeless, (sans through the emergency room with it’s 72hr wait) the medical services in both the local community clinics and at county, usc med ctr. are generally first rate and among the best rated in the country. Shelter, it’s not actually difficult to get a bed at one of the missions, one just need learn when to be where and the procedure. (which like most other things can be easily learned by talking with peers and neighbors occupying the same area) Restrooms while a little tougher to find in the skid row area are actually available and usable though admittedly some of the area residents could better respect what they have available. Sunblock, well that’s a luxury item cover up, stay out of the sun, or spend a meager percentage of your GR on stuff like that.

  2. its messed up out here im on a voucher you know alot of people when u apply for gr they offer u a voucher /anywhere from 2 weeks to 90 days u pay about $4 something a day on that u cant beat that, that comes out of your gr .but alot of people would rather keep the money for other things there might be a way to help it .tHE GOV COULD MAKE IT A REQUIERMENT THAT IF U R ON GR NOW OR GOING TO THEY HAVE TO TAKE A 90 DAY VOUCHER TO RECIEVE IT IF YOU R HOMELESS….THAT WOULD CHANGE ALOT OUT HERETHEY MIGHT SAY NO HOUSING AVAILABLE/ THAN ONE OF THE MISSIONS FREE BEDS TORN INTO VOUCHERS ONLY. THAT WILL WORK.

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