Gender stereotyping and @chuckecheese


A fire fighter, police officer, professional sports player… These are what @chuckecheese tells boys to picture themselves as.
The girl options are diva, cheerleader, wild life explorer and soccer player.

Gender stereotyping starts early and is dangerous because it doesn’t encourage girls to be financially self sufficient or value their own skills, brains or talent. Even the soccer card for the girls doesn’t compare to playing Xtreme sports and having the skill, fame and enforcement deals that accompany that career.

There are more Welfare Mom’s  than Welfare Dads because…well, it isn’t fare to tell girls to stay home and not developed their skills and create a financially self sufficient future.

The same is true of the McDonald’s happy meals (girl meal or boy meal, anyone?) I like a unicorn as much (probably more) as anyone, but boys get superheroes and trucks and action and real world adventure based toys. Girls get…unicorns.

In both places, the male vs girl corporate mascot balance is dominated by males.

Yes, I am female and raising females , but I am hyper aware of this because of the number of women in poverty who can tell me their son’s and brothers’ goals but not their own or their daughter’s dream jobs.

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