What I Know About the Negro People

I am no Cliven Bundy, so I can admit to not knowing a much. I barely have a handle on being a Caucasian Female in a political party that doesn’t trust me to govern my own body after puberty. PicsArt_1398488477472 I don’t know anything about any group of people other than they are PEOPLE.

  • People need food to feel the or bodies
  • People need other people to teach them to communicate (and sometimes that leads to forming religions and even scientific discoveries as we band together to make sense of our surroundings).
  • People benefit from being in groups
  • Some people are harmful to others

And that is all I know. I have a very expensive degree in Sociology and this is all I can tell you about people. Any group of people will be made up of individuals who perceive the world uniquely. No two people will agree on anything. Using subjective labels to group other people also puts limits on them, and sometimes they believe those limits to be reality. Only fools believe that Cliven Owen and the Koch Brothers or the Tea Party or even the Democrats can “know anything about the (fill in the blank) “______ people”.

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