If I Had a Magic Wand

The hard part of working with homeless families came at 4 :50 today. My computer still warm, keys freshly pulled from cabinet  locks ,  I was mentally  out the door when my name blurted from the overhead speakers. A woman and her 2 small children Had walked into the lobby with their world in a tall rolling suitcase. Her food stamp worker had directed her to find me.

If I had a magic wand ; my friends, oh if I had a wand.

I would create shelter space for disabled parents who can’t participate in Welfare to Work.

I would build family shelters for families of all sizes and types.

I would include one on one tutoring and door to door school bus transportation for homeless school aged kids.

And I would move families from my lobby into these shelters with one phone call and as few pieces of paper as possible.PicsArt_1398389104854

If I had a magic wand, I would not have to turn people out onto the streets because it was not possible to put a roof over them before I went to my own home.

However, all I have is an ink pen.


This totally sucks.





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3 thoughts on “If I Had a Magic Wand

  1. why can’t “disabled” parents participate in welfare to work? This whole focus upon disability is just wrong. Why are we as a society not focusing upon ability instead? Why must we as a society focus so much upon a deficit model and little or nothing on a model of success and ability. Sure, I’m disabled….. I lack the ability to run the hundred in under ten flat and 9.58…. well don’t even think about it! OTOH, I’m pretty sure I could find something I can do that Usain Bolt would really suck at. The point being that we need to focus not upon the DISability but upon the abilities of the person. I ask, does this person have a functioning brain? Since that is the case they ought be required to participate in and complete Welfare to work, just as their differently abled cohorts are.

      1. Sad, yes, But accommodation can be made and the parent can still do Welfare to Work. The work and pace may be different but I maintain that the parent is not dead yet so society nor the parent, nor the family ought treat them that way. Treat the person according to their ability. So long as one still has a pulse there’s something they can do as a productive benefit to society.

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