Character is who you are in the dark

As a child, I loved Show and Tell and the way it told me who my friends were when we were apart from each other.

I learned Mike Detola loved law enforcement and making siren sounds, that Jeff Hoover drew dragons, and Jennifer Balmot danced. Even now, I am thrilled to find out something I didn’t know about you.

When I discover that you have no depth and your cover art tells the entire story of yours: I am bummed.

This is especially true of companies and charities – I want them to have substance. I want them to be involved in their cause or commerce in ways I would not expect. ..nut ways that deepen my respect and awe.

If you say you are all about housing the homeless but never give it a spare thought when you are away from your cameras , publicity, or board meetings then I find you boring and trust you less. I also donate less time and money to you.

If you live your cause, paid or not, I will be a life long fan.

By the way, Jen never became a dancer but she did invite me to join her in dance classes and I am still a fan.

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