I am designing a behavior chart for my youngest daughter. She is very hard headed and has a hard time following directions and is goal oriented ; if the goal is designed by her.

There is a great deal of laughter and finger pointing in my general direction that accompanies a storm of “Who could she get that from?” drenching me.

As I build this chart, I am flashing back to my sea foam closet of an office on Stanford Street in Los Angeles. My oldest daughter was about 10 years old at that time and quietly well behaved ( at some point a genetic test came back with the results that she isn’t actually mine – but I met the other mothers in the labor and delivery room when she was born and she is definitely not related to any of them). Behavior modification wasn’t so much of a parenting need for me. Most of my charts and behavior goals were directly related to my clients.

I bought calendars and golf foil stars for my clients. Each day they went without Crack, or a hooker , or fighting, ___ fill in any number of personal goals here__ they earned a star.

I think I need to build chart like this for myself too , to mark my progress on my measurable, observable and achievable goals.



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