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I started this blog in a Los Vegas hotel room where I was celebrating my birthday with my friends Bonnie and Isabel.

There had been a few times when they visited my work place on Skid Row (a few times in the dark, and witnessed the underbelly of poverty).

They, my mother, and almost I everyone I knew from my privileged childhood in Arcadia, CA were puzzled by my job.

Poverty is easy to imagine if you stick to the stereotypes of adult men with beards and paper bag beers. It is also easy to distance your self image from that imagined homeless man. It is almost fun to despise that mythical being and decide he is lazy and deliberately closing a life of squalor.

When we read statistics about homeless veterans or children in poverty -we feel sad but can’t quite imagine it. We also don’t know if there is anything we can do to address the issue.

My answer was to put the issue out where my mom and Bonnie and anyone else who was curious could look at the issue without having to smell urine stained people sleeping on blankets of concrete. This is a place where poverty disappears with the closing of an Internet browser tab.

For me, poverty is a nemesis and I face it every day in my profession and volunteerism. I understand that not everyone wants to think about poverty in a regular basis – that’s why we only approve of feeding the poor at 3 major holiday seasons.

But, I have covered what came to my mind at the time and not had a strategic goal plan for the blog.

So ask me anything and tell me what you want to read or discuss.

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  1. tell the public and the world about the business of poverty and how various unnamed entities actually profit from it’s existance. Tell the public how Poverty, homelessness, and social service orgs end up feeding upon each other in a never ending cycle. Tell the public how taxation is legal theft and how that theft of our money decreases the amount available to give to private charity. those would be a good place to start

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