About this Makeshift Easter Basket

Can I call my bag of @avonfoundation and @990nly goodies a basket?

Hygiene Kits are a wonderful thing, easy scout project, and surprisingly hard to come by on a regular basis.

Periodically one of the shelters will have them out to clients or do outreach on the street :and by periodically I mean more like annually.

Have you tried making deodorant or soap or a toothbrush last for an entire year? If you said yes, please take a few steps back so I don’t smell you.

If you are not in a shelter or street but actually doubled up in a house or motel and living off cash aid and hopefully employment income – you probably still don’t have the funds to keep your hygiene habit easily fed.

I know this because I have a working nose. I volunteer and do outreach and actually show up to work. I meet people. Sometimes I accidentally smell more than they intended to let me.

It is embarrassing for them. As for me, I perfected the wrist sniff (keeping perfume on my wrist and then scratching my nose while I inhale) years ago.

So this basket with my quality artwork is one of many I have stashed in my car and garage and desk.

Several of my coworkers supplement our less than lavish income by selling Avon. (Veronica Morales is my dealer, ahem seller, of choice). Between the dollar deodorant, body paint soaps, and my addiction to the 99 Cent Only stores i manage to give everyone a reason to breathe deep and smile.

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