I, personally, refuse to go to Walmart

Walmart takes in about 18 percent of U.S. food stamp dollars, a share that would have amounted to more than $13 billion last year. …-Slate

When I saw the Employee Welcome packet with 2 credit card applications enclosed:I knew I had to stop shopping there.

Yes, Walmart donates funds to the poor community but they are also holding their workers heads under financial waters.

I thought you might like this article on Slate:
Behold the Walmart Employee at the Food Pantry, Picking Up Food Donated by Walmart

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One thought on “I, personally, refuse to go to Walmart

  1. If we abolished minimum wage laws completely and allowed the market to determine rates for labor, goods, and services employers could afford to employ more people and goods could cost less. Forcing a minimum cost for labor is simply inflationary and not everyone who works need earn a “living wage”. Now I don’t necessarily like walmart or their way of doing business where they squeeze suppliers to the bone for every last cent and end up in many cases displacing small business and the jobs created by small business. It’s laudable that walyworld has a generous program of community charity and make a large employer when they move into an area. but when they move in and displace small business I doubt that the number of jobs created outnumbers those displaced. It would be nice to see some studies and hard data on these factors.

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