How would you change skid row

Would you gentrification it and replace Single Resident Occupancy (SRO) housing with lofts and boutiques -or refurbish what is there to move the street dwellers behind walls and give them indoor plumbing and job training?

How would you reduce the number of Homeless in Los Angeles?

Speak ♡♡♡♡ here is an article in the Los Angeles Times

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3 thoughts on “How would you change skid row

  1. The problems on Skid Row are indeed complex and they are as varied as the individuals that live there. The first thing that ought be done is to get government out of the social services business. Social services is a function best handled by private charity. Much can also be done toward housing and Jobs. The weekly churn and challenge for a bed at the missions is simply not long enough to get someone stable and on their feet especially for those just arriving and getting oriented to life on skid row. It used to be that the VOA drop in center on san julian would allow people to lay their bedrolls out in the courtyard overnight and get a decent night of rest but that seems to have come to an end and they used to have the most efficient use of bed space anywhere in the area with the ability to get on the list for a shower and 8hours rest on a real mattress with sheets and covers. once your 8 was up you were out of there and someone else occupied that bed. this basically tripled their bed capacity on a first come first served basis. The only issue was that you had to be there when your bed came up which meant a lot of sitting and waiting with idle time. That could have been easily resolved with some scheduling. Note, most skid row beds are only in use 1/3 of the time they could be if used efficiently. That all ended at the VOA however when money came along in the form of program funding from the VA to run another program for veterans. Now those beds are reserved for a select group of veterans and I’m pretty sure underutilized again because of monetary influence. Now I’m not saying that Veterans don’t deserve what we give them as benefits for their service, my point here is that the orgs on skid row could do a better job of parceling out their resources effectively. by running things 24×7 and doing it in shifts they could just about triple capacity. on the other side of things the varying interests need to quit harassing those that live there with the passing of laws such as making it illegal to sit on the sidewalk or run a legitimate street based business. Such oppressive laws only serve to enable and encourage harassment by police leading to massive civil rights violations by the state. Finally If we must have government social services and paid welfare it should all be paid in cash. Limited programs such as food stamps/SNAP ought be paid as cash benifet and not limited to purchase of food. No matter how it’s paid the cost to the taxpayer is the same but the cost to the recipient is not. one should not be penalized for frugal shopping habits. If I can live on $60/mo in food cost via frugal shopping then I ought be able to use the other $120 to use as I please, or at least toward other items that can help me move up like paying for a cell phone.

  2. You ask a tough question. I would make over Skid Row and renovate existing properties and turn them into transitional and permanent housing for people who are homeless. The housing would be both for singles and families; one building for single people and another building for families, or a mix thereof. Available in the housing would mental health and substance abuse centers and job training. And maybe a budget cooking course or two, as eating healthy should be a priority, also.

    The recent knockdown of the Cecil House for housing the homeless is a huge wound. For all executives and higher ups that work in the homeless sector, they will do anything to ENCOURAGE homelessness because eradicating homelessness would be eradicating their jobs. Then where would THEY go? They are obviously more important than the homeless!

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