Joel Osteen Bugs Me

I know many wonderful, good, well behaved adults who are poor financially. Some of them are wonderful and homeless.

The idea that God gifts you with money for being good bugs me. God doesn’t pay allowances, but that chore list is a doozy.
     Joel Osteen bugs me.

He just does. I wrote that as a Facebook comment once and now Karrie dropped me as a friend and sent me a long message I did not bother to read. I know he is popular and I suspect it is because he makes greed appear as a virtue.

No, the Bible doesn’t say you have to be poor to be good, and yes it talks about giving to the church :but I’m not sure this dude has his hearing aid tuned into the word of God or his eye on the prize of enriching people spiritually.

To be frank, he sounds douchy to me and I can’t listen to him.

I know how many mouths his income would feed , and how many families would fit in his expensive house.

Maybe I need to create a Mega Church to feed the poor so the people who give $10 a week to television religion could do direct and local good for those who don’t have money to send. Good people, who don’t have a call to prosperity.


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One thought on “Joel Osteen Bugs Me

  1. I believe a project for some people could set up tents or other means of shelter where they could be housed. Also they could give their homeless time to volunteer to make gardens such flower and/or vegetable gardens to help their shelter place looking nice. Then they could volunteer their time to volunteer to help others.

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