One thought on “Why Do You See So Many Homeless People in Los Angeles?

  1. The number one reason to be homeless in LA is the concentration of social services targeted to the homeless. unfortunately this cycle feeds upon itself chasing it’s own never ending tail. To many of the providers homeless services is their business and their livelyhood thus they make their living off the existence of the homeless. The homeless come for the services offered and concentrated in one place, the providers find job stability in serving the homeless. the 2 depend upon each other in a never ending and self feeding cycle. It’s been said that the best thing about being homeless in LA is the concentration of social services….. The worst thing about being homeless in LA is the concentration of social services. The homeless attract the social service providers and the social service providers attract the homeless. when the 2 come together en mass, you end up with a sewer which is skid row. Some make it out, those that have the will some luck, and who get connected with the few outstanding agencies there to actually serve the homeless like Chrysalis, Weingart Center Association, the LA catholic worker, and St. vincent De Paul. Many of the others It’s just a business. and it’s pretty easy to live down there mission to mission, bed to bed long term. Heck with no expenses, Free food and bed, along with $180 in food stamps and a $220 general relief check ($400/mo) one can live pretty well on society’s dime and not have a care in the world and if you actually think that with EBT there’s no way to turn a substantial amount of that snap benifet into cash and even do so legally then wellI can tell you that many homeless aren’t so dumb after all.

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