What Causes Homelessness?

Every person has a story. I know thousands of #homeless people and none of them chose to become homeless although 15% will remain without housing. This is a list compiled from my years of experience, and yes, some items can be nested into others. What do you think causes a person to live without housing?Continue reading “What Causes Homelessness?”

10 Formerly Homeless People Who Used Rock Bottom As A Springboard To Greatness

I am often asked if I waste my time on people who are homeless…like they have failed and will never be worth anythung. I, as you know, think everyone has value. Here is an article about 10 people who decided to shine while homeless. Article: http://huff.to/1j8hQLf

Kick Ass Chicks vs Poverty

Poverty is a Woman’s Issue. Ending poverty and homelessness is a process best done by kick ass women. I am a female working in a female dominated field with low income families who are overwhelmingly led by , you guessed it, females. If I took the time to research, I would hypothesis that the childrenContinue reading “Kick Ass Chicks vs Poverty”

Are Homeless People Citizens ? Will the Sheriff’s Department Care About the Answer?

#voteLASheriff @OlmstedInstead @tanakalasheriff @vinceforsheriff @BurbankPD

If I Had a Magic Wand

The hard part of working with homeless families came at 4 :50 today. My computer still warm, keys freshly pulled from cabinet  locks ,  I was mentally  out the door when my name blurted from the overhead speakers. A woman and her 2 small children Had walked into the lobby with their world in aContinue reading “If I Had a Magic Wand”

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