This is the information to have in hand when applying for Cash Aid

When you first go to the Cash Aid DPSS office to apply – make sure you have several free hours. Depending on the office, this could take all day.

Walk in dressed up and unafraid, the baby will need to be seen in the office. Take paper and pen and write down the name of the worker you see and any questions you have. You will be fingerprinted and checked to make sure this is not a duplicate request and scanned against databases for Drug Felonies.

Declare any domestic violence. You can do this to stop child support collections: You can stop the County from going after the father/mother of your child for child support, if it puts you or your child in danger of more abuse. Your sworn affidavit is enough proof.

Take :

Bank statements if you have a bank account – the last 3 months

last 3 paychecks if there are any,

photo ID,

both social security cards and birth certificates,

utility bills.

Rent receipt or letter of how much rent is. If you are staying in a home where there are not enough bedrooms and are sleeping the living room, etc. – you will be classified as homeless and a letter stating that you are temporarily (even if temporary means years) living there should be enough.

Ask for the case to be expedited to GAIN – which is the part of cash aid that helps with work preparation, skills training and education.


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