I think I ran over my cell phone

Seriously, I am pretty sure I put it on top of my car and then the baby decided she wanted to get in on the OTHER side, and then there was the sacred ritual of throwing of the shoes … and by the time I sat in my car : poof. No cell phone.

I might have stopped this craziness if I would learn to text and drive. Instead I noticed when I got to work.

So, if you were given my number so you could call, text and annoy me because you think you have that right : Today is your day. Go for it. Call me all you want. Have a field day. Without my cell I don’t have access to FaceBook – so if you wanted to PM me and tell me how nice you are – please, this is your golden invitation. Today only.

And for everyone else : I have insurance so I will get it replaced.

Thank you,

Sonya Keith


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