Cooking on a Spoon

Drugs. I don’t often talk about them. They ruined my life before I was born, colored my early childhood and rent my adoptive family like old lace In a room full of angry cats. In my adult life I have held a hard core No Tolerance policy.: ended romances and killed off friendships with usersContinue reading “Cooking on a Spoon”

This is the information to have in hand when applying for Cash Aid

When you first go to the Cash Aid DPSS office to apply – make sure you have several free hours. Depending on the office, this could take all day. Walk in dressed up and unafraid, the baby will need to be seen in the office. Take paper and pen and write down the name ofContinue reading “This is the information to have in hand when applying for Cash Aid”

Free museum day is today January 25

Annenberg Space for Photography Armory Center for the Arts Autry National Center of the American West California African American Museum California Science Center Fowler Museum at UCLA Getty Center Getty Villa Hammer Museum Japanese American National Museum Los Angeles County Museum of Art Los Angeles Fire Department Museum and Memorial (Hollywood and San Pedro) MuseumContinue reading “Free museum day is today January 25”

Not my best motivational speech

"Don’t drop out. Fight to stay in the class. Complete the course just to stick it to the instructor who has dropped you 3 times. Here is my email so you can write me when you’re mad in class and tell me all the insults you want to yell at him." Case manager of theContinue reading “Not my best motivational speech”

I think I ran over my cell phone

Seriously, I am pretty sure I put it on top of my car and then the baby decided she wanted to get in on the OTHER side, and then there was the sacred ritual of throwing of the shoes … and by the time I sat in my car : poof. No cell phone. IContinue reading “I think I ran over my cell phone”

Politically Polarized Perspectives p!sses me off

I have a lot of Angry Republican friends. I’m an #Angry Republican: I’m angry at my own party for some of the stupid ideas they are floating as facts. Please don’t be so invested in "my team rules and your party drools" that you overlook common sense and, you know, facts. This is what theContinue reading “Politically Polarized Perspectives p!sses me off”

Poverty is ended by employment , but jobs went over seas #outsourcing

Yesterday on my personal FB page I discussed drug testing for welfare recipients (it is a stupid and mean idea). I was told that people are too lazy to get jobs and they abuse the system for drug money. "There would be fewer homeless in Los Angeles if people put down the pipe and pickedContinue reading “Poverty is ended by employment , but jobs went over seas #outsourcing”

Minimum Wage across America ($8.00 in L.A.)

Minimum Wage Rates for 2014 Listed by State Alabama: $7.25 Alaska: $7.75 Arizona: $7.90 Arkansas: $7.25 California: $8.00 (increase to $9.00 on July 1, 2014 and $10.00 on January 1, 2016) – San Francisco: $10.74 – San Jose: $10.15 Colorado: $8.00 Connecticut: $8.70 ($9.00 effective January 1, 2015) Delaware: $7.25 Florida: $7.93 Georgia: $7.25 Hawaii:Continue reading “Minimum Wage across America ($8.00 in L.A.)”

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