Who is Santa?

You are.
In the coldest season of the year, a stranger appears and silently gives us symbols of hope.

Yesterday I was at MEND (Meet Each Need with Dignity ) in Pacoima when Santa flew in to visit the children of this impoverished neighborhood while their parents secretly collected sacks of wrapping paper and toys.

Santa looked like the little fat man , but Santa feels like me and you.

Giving is great! The best way to show you appreciate what you have is to let someone else have some of it too.

I am not talking about giving until it hurts (them). We all have that friend or family member or brother etc. who was given so much that they never had the drive to struggle to get things For themselves and now they are crippled and demand we keep sustaining them. This is NOT the Santa giving I want to discuss.

I am talking about joyfully gifting hope to little kids , to the people who do struggle to get by and provide for their families. If your gift is a one time toy :awesome. If you are Santa all year round with a variety of gift types (toys , clothes, money, your time,old equipment…) also awesome.

Doesn’t it feel good to give to those who appreciate the gift without demanding recognition for giving?


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