Echo…. is anyone at the LA Parking Ticket office?

I was on skid row all night, talking about the @lacitymayor Garcetti and how good some changes have been. Ironically, my car (parked on the left side of a 1 way street) received a parking ticket because it was street sweeping night.

I’ve had my share of tickets, and even the yellow boot once -so now I always look and check and ask for parking signs.

There wasn’t one I could see so I went on my way to chat up some social workers and such about homelessness.

At 5:30 the next morning I found the ticket. I went looking and 3/4th of the way down the block was a broken sign facing into the street. No oncoming car could have seen it.

The next day I printed out the photos I took and mailed them on to the parking violations department (because I am a dreamer and dept someone might care). No answer.

Recently I decided to just pay it , but they don’t take Mastercard. *sigh*

That irritated me enough to use their on line form to ask again about the ticket and lack of signage.

Maybe my letter from the post office got lost , but an email request? Really?

I still have not heard.

Let me know if you have suggestions.

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One thought on “Echo…. is anyone at the LA Parking Ticket office?

  1. hey, looks like they got their money and that’s really all they care about is revenue. What’s wrong is paying them for this non-violation as it just encourages such revenue enhancing citations for non-violations to be written. So why pay them? That was just wrong!

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