Suicide Hot line … on HOLD!

Paranoid frustration is being on hold while calling the Los Angeles P.E.T. team. (Psychiatric Emergency Team).

I have multiple people calling every number I know and all numbers gutter into the same phone bank and we are all on hold.

This is *after* selecting 1 for English and navigating call option choices.

If you ever need to contact the PET team, do it in Burbank. The Burbank Police have a partnership with the LA Dept. of Mental Health. My longest wait was 35 minutes from call to door.

Call 911 if you , personally, have an eminent need.

Or walk in to Olive View in Sylmar or any hospital.

If you have a plan , tell someone.

You are not the first to feel this way and the fact that this feeling pounces on you shows it is not rational. Hold on to that. You don’t have a death wish. .. you are having a really hard time and feeling really bad. And there are folks or there who have seen this happen to other people and know how to get you through it.

1. Tell someone
2. Get to a Dr or hospital if you can and ask for an evaluation
3. Call 911 and let them know you may need a 5150 – an emergency hospital visit for evaluation while you find out what makes you feel this way.
Have a list of all your medications and names and numbers of family members , especially of you have kids that someone will need to care for.

Hang in there.
(And yes , I had time to write all of this while on hold.)

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