Stabbed by a Manilla Folder in the Line of duty

A.K.A. another day in the life.

80% of social work is paperwork. "Flex your fingers and prepare to sign your name like a rock-star!"

But all the forms you sign get processed by me and then filed. (The alphabet and I are arch enemies , just f.y.i. ) Every day I bleed for my art (insert dramatic voice) but this one hurts.

Horray for my 5 types of bandaid at home : perk of parenting.

Today has been crazy in the office

It started out with a full blown 500 yard dash for me to get down the hall and down the stairs and down another hall to the only phone not capable of transferring a call to me because the client was suicidal and apparently I’m who you call if you want to be talked out of suicide. My coworkers are shocked to realize I can bust a move. So am I.

Then there was the random disaster drill which afforded me the chance to use the Alarm door. Cool!

Round my day off with a frantic old lady who talks twice as much as I do and my ears are jow ringing from the silence. The silence people!

In the middle of alk this fun was lots and lots of forms and database entry and Excel action.

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