Stabbed by a Manilla Folder in the Line of duty

A.K.A. another day in the life. 80% of social work is paperwork. "Flex your fingers and prepare to sign your name like a rock-star!" But all the forms you sign get processed by me and then filed. (The alphabet and I are arch enemies , just f.y.i. ) Every day I bleed for my artContinue reading “Stabbed by a Manilla Folder in the Line of duty”

Suicide Hot line … on HOLD!

Paranoid frustration is being on hold while calling the Los Angeles P.E.T. team. (Psychiatric Emergency Team). I have multiple people calling every number I know and all numbers gutter into the same phone bank and we are all on hold. This is *after* selecting 1 for English and navigating call option choices. If you everContinue reading “Suicide Hot line … on HOLD!”

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