Social Workers are Bad Ass and You are a Scared Bully

I think that life is hard. The minutiae of living takes everything that you have.

You need to eat. You have to sleep. You need to the environment and wear clothes. You have to navigate social circle and deal with other people who are constantly in crisis and trying to stay alive too.
Over time people have changed and evolved so much that survival is not natural and is not guaranteed. We are not butterflies who automatically know which milkweed plant to fly to. We’ve cut off a lot of the tools that we would need to survive. We don’t live out in fields and caves. We don’t live out in the natural environment and off the land. We have to cull the environment. We have to build homes we have to grow food. We have to process it and bring it out of the field to the faraway places where we live. It is complicated.

Some of us see every other person as a form of competition. Every other person is competition for food or for clothing or for other resources. In order for us to survive someone else must die. We need to make sure that we take the weakest among us kill them; push them away or keep them away from the resources that we need to survive.

Some of us are very good at survival. We have everything we need. We have stockpiled everything we might possibly need. We have clothes and get extra clothes we have food and stuff . We have money and keep collecting more and more money in case we run out of clothing and food so we can purchase more or can purchase cooler and fancier supplies for living. We seem to have mastered the process of survival.

And then there are the social workers. We now how to find food to feed ourselves and our family. We have managed to house ourselves and our family. We don’t ever want to see anybody die because they do do not have food and clothing. We have not mastered that art or the skill set of collecting an overabundance and richness and becoming one of the people who certainty always survive if survival depends on what you have. And we don’t really care. What we do care about is everyone else. We are not worried someone else will take the food out of our hands. We are not scared. We do not need to be mean because we are afraid. We can be compassionate because we are confident everything will be okay.

Social Workers are bad ass.

We are not influenced by fear or greed. We deal with the consequences of corporate greed that results in mass under employment. We navigate political greed that undermines s fair market and split and demand. We create new plans and visions for steamers who are blinded and bound by hunger and desperation.

We are the only ones who truly appreciate excellent public educators and witness the value in dollars and mouthfuls of a solid basic education.

We see through your political bull shit. We recognize you behind your masks of fear when you built those who have leads than you do.

We know that you have delusions of being in the 1% of people in the USA who are holding about half of the money and food and supplies for living that everyone is fighting to get. Somehow you feel that picking on anyone more poor than you : and attributing their poverty to crime and stupidity and laziness and all other qualities of the spirit instead of a simple measure of assets… That this really makes you superior and means you won’t die first or starve or be seen as the most pathetic person or group or political party in the room.

I am a social worker and I call shenanigans.

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