Private Vocational Training vs. Public

Community Colleges and Occupational Centers don’t advertise.
They don’t have to. In High School all of the counselors talk to the students about college options and many kids go directly to community college. Others don’t get into the 4 year they want and then do the time and basic transfer units at a community college. Others, finding that state hospitals and other adult programs were cut in the early 1990’s – have found Community Colleges as a great place to spend the day with enrichment classes or exploring their passions.

Private Vocational “Colleges” have some of my favorite commercials ever. They are inspirational and even make me want to go. *Disclaimer, I started calling the numbers on my television in an attempt to get a vocational certificate when I was 12. Hey, I had the free time and wanted to start ahead of the game. My mother quickly ruined that dream and pushed me into traditional education Well, she was a school teacher and all.

“Hey you, get up off that couch! What are you waiting for? Start living today and be able to go to nice lunches with your friends in shiny red cars and support your family of 5 and for the first time ever make your parents proud of you!”

Um, okay.

No. Not okay.

For many (not all) of the educational programs offered, you can find the same trainings at a public school. The cost is far less and sometimes free. Sometimes it even costs less to go to a private 4 year school and apply for the financial aid and grants and scholarships. (I love you University of La Verne ! )

If you are a low income parent, you may qualify for the Board of Governors Grant and then qualify for with a CARE or GAIN or EOPS program to help you with fees and supplies and transportation and child care costs.

However, if you dropped out of high school – physically or mentally – you may have missed this message form your guidance staff and community colleges don’t advertise. All you will see are adverts from the diploma mills or businesses that need you to come in and sign up for Federal Financial Aid so they can have the money and run their business. They may not be education centered, first and foremost.

Do what is best for you. Do it fully informed.

This week I listened to a presentation from a private school about tuition costs and he handed out this flyer. I fixed it for you.

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