Let’s Pretend

Assume this is the first phone call of my day…

She is homeless … sheltered with her abusive husband .. about to lose shelter … and just found out she is 20 weeks pregnant … has no supportive friends or family or anyone in her corner so she calls a government worker for advice.

So. All of you out there … what do you tell her?

I have no idea why people think this isn’t a stressful gig.

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One thought on “Let’s Pretend

  1. why need there be stress in a call like this? Work the problem applying the knowledge and resources available toward a solution. While the government should not be in the social services business and generally does a poor job of administrating it when compared to private charitable orgs in many ways it doesn’t matter to the caller who writes the paycheck of the person answering the phone. as soon as that phone is answered it becomes a joint effort to work the problem together and find a solution. If at times the list of resources is short, that stands as a separate issue to be addressed from working the immediate problem.

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