Victem or Victor

Hardships and obstacles suck. Hardships and obstacles do not define me. They don’t. I have faced , stared down and climbed over some icky stuff. That stuff is not how I am pigeon holed or defined by anyone. So it is with with a headache that I listen to people come to me and proudlyContinue reading “Victem or Victor”

Tell Me Why You Are Great.

If we are friends : I can answer this for you.  But, do you know your own strengths and weaknesses? This challenge is a combination of my case management technique and a reaction to internet memes asking me to name any accomplishment made by ——(fill in the blank , usually Hillary Clinton)—– in the lastContinue reading “Tell Me Why You Are Great.”

Welfare and Hating Women

I came across an article today about a woman who was not working and had 4 children. Here’s the thing. If she were married to a rich man, no one would criticize her. If she were livinng off an inheritance, we would be cool with it. If she were the father, he would be calledContinue reading “Welfare and Hating Women”

Private Vocational Training vs. Public

@Ulaverne @LAMC_ASO @lavalleycollege sometimes private 4 year schools or community colleges are better values

We Need To Get a Few Details Straight on Welfare

What is with the hate? I am not sure that you and I are thinking of the same things when I talk about Welfare. I read all kinds of stupid and angry posts about Welfare Queens, and Lazy Dogs who don’t know their fathers applying  and qualifying for welfare (No joke, my own Grandmother FaceBook LikedContinue reading “We Need To Get a Few Details Straight on Welfare”

Stop the Over-share

Imagine you are 30 feet away from a mother who is loudly crowing about her children services case and divorce and anxiety and sleep problems and how she wants to have SSI and how she won’t leave her teen boys in after school programs……..basically every reason she is indicating she won’t find a job orContinue reading “Stop the Over-share”

The Great Shakeout

Happens each October 17th at 10:17 a.m.. I am never available for climbing under this desk and getting staples in my knees and gum in my hair – unless it is the real deal. And seriously…given how much the office shakes when even skinny people tip toe around ; an actual Earthquake here will killContinue reading “The Great Shakeout”

I hated my Welfare worker

So I became one to see if I could do a better job. As the kids say "Like a boss!". But I will admit that the ever changing policies and the worst database program to work with make it difficult. Having to read and interpret legalese and translate it into English for myself and coworkersContinue reading “I hated my Welfare worker”

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