my Street Sweeping ticket is wrong!

Oh @lacityparking and @cbsla.. last night was a dark night and I looked for a parking sign at the beginning of the block and around my car in 6th. Seeing no sign and many other cars…I left my car and returned at 5 am to a street sweeping ticket. The shown – as shown hereContinue reading “my Street Sweeping ticket is wrong!”

With @abales on Skid Row

Networking and tweeting and calmly offering services and his business card to passers by outside the @urm. After 4 years of following him on Twitter and Facebook I have finally met him. It is possible that he seems dignifies and wise because he truly is. This impression is amplified by the volume of our companionsContinue reading “With @abales on Skid Row”

Skid Row Sleepover

I have an agenda for tonight. So of course nothing went as planned. Its  1 o’clock in the morning and I finally sat down in the covered cot provided to me for tonight. Things in my personal life have changed drastically since I worked here. I needed some clarity. To be humbled and made thankfulContinue reading “Skid Row Sleepover”

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