Ladies who lunch vs working grunt

Somedays (yesterday!) I wish I had accepted one of the offers to marry a rich man. But I did not.

Instead I am a social worker. Yesterday I listened to a man with fresh out of prison talk to me about being beaten down its head injuries his drug addiction and his experiences in a game while we waited for the police to come and evaluate him to see if he would be either arrested for taken to a psychiatric hospital.

Every thing went well and I will see him again in October. We will talk about disxussing his duture and not dwelling solely on the past.

I am not sure that this is the job I thought I would take when I choose my degree in sociology in college. But it is the job that I have.

I always wanted to be one of those quote ladies who lunch and quotes so far it is yet to be. However this week I was one of those ladies who have dinner meetings over wine and this morning I will be a lady who has a breakfast meeting. All in the name of charity. And that is pretty cool.

I like my job. I really wish that it paid more. And one of my friends who are teachers complain about their pay I want to point out that they make at least $15,000 dollars more than I do when they started their job. I have been doing this for over 10 years.

Perhaps it is time I went back to school so I can have more money. I’m not really sure what I said to you. I am great at my job. My job is a soul sucking pit from Hell some days. I’ll call them Kamikazi Fridays but they happen all the time. I have to choose between what I do and earning a living wage…social work on a BA degree doesnt pay.

I saw this card today and it made me laugh because it made me think of my job.

PS I am willing to accept any offer of marraige from rich men…in case you know any (especially if you are mad at them. I make excellent revenge ).

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