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Get Ready for Your Job Interview

1. Start saying “Hello” to strangers and looking them in the eye. This will make it easier for you to talk to the stranger who is going to do your job interview.

2. ALWAYS start of by answering with your POSITVE qualities.

a. If someone asks what your worst and best qualities are: tell the good first.

b. People only remember what you say at the start of a conversation and sentence so leave a great impression.

3. Research. Know the name of the place you are interviewing and what it is that the company does. Be able to describe their purpose and how you will benefit their company.

4. Ask this one question to your interviewer(s) “What do you like about working here?”

a. Start asking everyone you meet this same question. Your grocery clerk, waitress, teachers, etc. People love to talk about themselves and it makes an immediate connection.

b. Listen to the tone of the answer. Decide if they really like working there – and if you can see yourself liking it also.

5. Have your interview outfits put together and in a safe place in the closet. You want to be ready to go anytime you get the invitation to interview.

a. Also have a nice folder with your resume and list of references

b. Keep a pen and notepad in there too so you can take notes.


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