right now in the office

2 thoughts on “right now in the office

  1. ok, so how does his actions reflect upon you as a social worker? Guy apparently decided to make an antisocial ass of himself and you apparently still took time to sit down talk and listen. Given that, how is it that you “suck as a social worker”?

  2. once in the snot and tears state it is important to listen and work toward solutions. I’m guessing that this guy was probably frustrated to the point of exasperation. Having the cops haul him off may be policy and par for the course in LA county social service offices but generally does not address the root cause of the situation really only making it worse. It would seem in your humanness that once morphed from tough guy to snot and tears you listened and maybe offered the first step. I certainly hope your hands weren’t tied by policy or regulation in moving forward in offering constructive assistance as needed. I have observed that office policy often times serves to make a situation worse but that reflects upon policy and not you as a person.

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