American Civil Liberties Union

I can’t read this on the last day of the month. the nasty things people do to each other are overwhelming. prison there is food and a roof… and corporate abuses Meet the Prison Profiteers. They’re Worse than You Think.

7 Steps to Prevent Child Abuse Reporting – Because I HATE It.

Bad Parenting = I will have to report you and that in uncomfortable for everyone.

the phone vent.

I am spending my break falling a little in love with the super cranky IHSS worker who is 5 cubicles down from me. I can hear her yelling , “What is your plan, you think my plan is stupid?”. I totally understand the frustration of people calling on the last day of the month toContinue reading “the phone vent.”

my Street Sweeping ticket is wrong!

Oh @lacityparking and @cbsla.. last night was a dark night and I looked for a parking sign at the beginning of the block and around my car in 6th. Seeing no sign and many other cars…I left my car and returned at 5 am to a street sweeping ticket. The shown – as shown hereContinue reading “my Street Sweeping ticket is wrong!”

With @abales on Skid Row

Networking and tweeting and calmly offering services and his business card to passers by outside the @urm. After 4 years of following him on Twitter and Facebook I have finally met him. It is possible that he seems dignifies and wise because he truly is. This impression is amplified by the volume of our companionsContinue reading “With @abales on Skid Row”

Skid Row Sleepover

I have an agenda for tonight. So of course nothing went as planned. Its  1 o’clock in the morning and I finally sat down in the covered cot provided to me for tonight. Things in my personal life have changed drastically since I worked here. I needed some clarity. To be humbled and made thankfulContinue reading “Skid Row Sleepover”

Home(less) of the Brave

We have the means to imorove the life of someone who fought for our national beliefs. Now we need to believe , as a nation , that our soldiers and sailors and armed forces should have a home in the Home of the Brave". ♥♥♥♥ read more ♥♡♡♥

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