Plastic bags and Costco

This is work. Like, actual "put some effort in" work.
Today Darla and I went to @Costco for Food stamp Challenge shopping.

#Homelesshack #4 : plastic bags. You are looking at 28 individual servings of fruits: grapes and strawberries! These are perfect for the 22 days when I need to pack a lunch for me and provide snacks for Darla at daycare.

#homelesshack #5 Warehouse stores. Fresh fruits and veggies are unreasonably expensive at corner stores like 7-11. A single banana is $1.00 . A bunch of 5 bananas at Costco was $1.39. ( I hate fruit, and yet there is a bunch of bananas in my kitchen, ewwww. ) the grapes cost $5.99 and the strawberries cost $2.99. I also had 3 apples and an orange tree in my yard.

But, basically, I did fruit for the month at about 30¢ per serving.

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