It is officially a challenge – are you joining us?

It is posted on the @MENDpoverty web site so there is no backing out.

I am defiant by nature so I keep complaining and whining to myself : “Why me? Who thinks these things up? But there is MATH – like REAL MATH, involved”

Well, other than my moment of being incredibly shallow and stupid – the whole point of this is because other people don’t have a choice. There are moms and dads near us  (no matter where you are in California)  who don’t have this as a “One Month Challenge” – this is life It has to be a life style. They have to master this or starve.

This has been giving me flashbacks of 19 years ago. I knew less about math and nutrition and budgeting.  I also was one of those “welfare Moms” who packed on the pounds because I chose starchy food options rather than the healthy one. Potato chips have more calories and cost less than something healthier so it kept me running around after a little l=kid for longer and the extra energy hung out on me as fat.

This time it will be different. It will be better. But it will still be really difficult.  And that is also my point.

In the state that produces enough food to feed our nation, and in a nation that grows enough food to feel the entire world : we have starving kids and rich politicians and people who begrudge even giving a little assistance to the poorest among us – and then they march off to church to pray and incorrectly call us a “Christian Nation”. Dude, Jesus gave out free fish. At $1.91 per person for each meal, some Jesus Fishes would be super welcome right now.

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