Dollars and Diapers

Diapers take up to 6% of the minimim wager income.
Diapers take up to 6% of the minimum wager income.

When my oldest was an infant , I was super-extra poor and on Welfare and Cash Aid and Foodstamps and Medi-Cal (Medicaid) .
One night, 2 days before my welfare check was due, my daughter caught the flu or some stomach bug that blew though my ration of diapers. I literally turned my couch upside down looking for change so I could go to the grocery store at 11pm and buy diapers.

Parents in poverty with pre-potty trained children are at a financial disadvantageage worse than any other group of parents. Diapers are expensive. There was a study done on this at .smell-my-butt

I have been a fan of Help A Mother Out for years.

If you know of a family struggling to make ends meet – give a pack of diapers.

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